Introduction Programme    

Playing a musical instrument whether for personal enjoyment or as part of an ensemble will give you a life-time of pleasure. Music is a never ending journey of discovery which can start at a very young age. Rothwell Music Centre offers opportunities for children 3 and upwards to experience a variety of instruments and to play as part of a group.

There are starter courses for most instruments which are taught as part of a group or on a one-to-one basis. Both guitar, drums, piano and keyboard are very popular all with the aim of being accessible from complete novice.

 Intermediate Programme    

Having developed the rudiments of your chosen instrument the intermediate class gives the opportunity to develop skills further and begin playing a variety of music. Each class will build your skills and library of music and enable you to learn independently away from the class. Clearly, with any skill practice is essential and it will be no surprise that the more you have time with your instrument, the better you will become. 

Advanced programme

The next "big step" in developing your musical ability is to make music with other people in a group, band or ensemble. This is very much part of the advanced programme with individuals taking individual parts of a musical piece. Enjoying music making with others is highly rewarding and requires another level of learning.  

Playing for others - the concerts

Each academic year the centre has 2 concerts; 1 at Christmas and 1 at the end of the end of the year. All students get the opportunity to learn a piece and play it in front of an audience. The concerts are held in a purpose built auditorium at Rodillian Academy equipped with the latest audio and lighting facilities.