Rodillian Academy


One of the top performing secondary schools in the Leeds district, the academy trust believes in engaging with the local community in many ways. Rothwell Music Centre is seen as a significant connection with all age groups and integrates with the wider school curriculum

Connecting schools


New initiatives to bring junior schools in the area together with Rodillian Academy have been forged with music. The music centre guided and supported by Art Forms is fast becoming the conduit for new and exciting musical collaberation   

The Future Sounds Good


Recent research has demonstrated that learning a musical instrument has a profound impact on an individual's ability to learn in other subjects and fields of interest. Many people say "I wish I'd learnt to play an instrument" well it's never too late to start  

Sarah Haig - Head of Centre 


With a BA Hons in music and drama, PGCE, LGSM from Leeds University Sarah has been involved in music since school. A highly competent woodwind player Sarah plays saxophone and clarinet as well as piano. Over the years Sarah has been involved with touring bands as a singer and musician and is currently part of Radio City Band.

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